Drawing, and the art of well being, self esteem and self perception. (Dove marketing campaign)

To see ourselves as others see us. Gil Zamora, an FBI trained artist, has produced a set of drawing of several women, without ever seeing what they looked like. Separated by a screening curtain, he asked the women to describe themselves – their hair, jaw, eyes, and he drew as they described their features. Later […]

Demonstration painting, tulips in water colour, moleskine sketch book.

Tip toe through the Tulips, Water Colour, Moleskine Sketch book   I love tulips, and I love spots. And I really love pears. Tulips are a lovely subject – a complicated mass of leaves, which are nicely explained in swathes of greens (try mixing Cerulean Blue with Lemon Yellow for a lovely range of ‘spring’ […]

Q: What’s the difference between a Line Drawing and an Outline?

A: All the difference in the world. An outline is that imaginary place around the edges of things, where the object ceases ‘being’, and becomes the background. Nothing actually HAS an outline. All things are fairly solid, and just Are, or Aren’t. To draw a line around the edge is fine, but if it’s all […]

When Distance isn’t a Distance

Technology and the internet has transformed our lives, and there’s no going back, only faster and faster forward. This is very exciting, and just about anything we can think of can be reality very quickly. However, this doesn’t mean that everything happens quickly. Change is rapid, communication is instant, BUT the skills we need to […]

Drawing back from the edge.

Drawing back from the edge.   Cloth in pencil, by Julie Douglas. Moleskine sketch book Last term I started my Masters-Mistress at college(see  http://juliedouglasdrawingpaintinglearning.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/mistress-of-arts-college-and-portfolios.html).Studying Multidisciplinary Design means that all students come from different disciplines, and we each carve our own individual path to our personal goals, although we attend workshops together. The advantages of this varied […]

Education – how it serves and dis-serves

A few years ago I met an intelligent, educated woman in her 60’s who worked in an art gallery, and who also arranged painting holidays for students with an artist who exhibited at the gallery. She was clearly extremely interested in her work and would have loved, she said, to have been an artist herself. […]